Apache AiravataTM is a software framework that enables you to compose, manage, execute, and monitor large scale applications and workflows on distributed computing resources such as local clusters, supercomputers,computational grids, and computing clouds.


What to look for in Airavata


Scientific gateway developers user Airavata as their middleware layer between job submissions and grid systems. Airavata's supports long running applications and workflows on distributed computational resources.

Desktop and Web Interfaces

Integrate Apache Airavata with your user interface components to manage applications, workflows and generated data using our Apache Thrift-based API.

Monitor Jobs and Retrieve User Analytics

Science Gateway operators can view detailed information and manage jobs executed, resources accessed, applications used by their users.

Built with Airavata

Many scientific gateways are already using Airavata to perform computations. Get started with Airavata now.


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Project link


Project link

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