Apache Airavata is a community developed project. The list below is a partial list of contributors to the project, for a complete list you'd have to look at all contributors to our issue tracker, mailing list and version control. All project management committee members are also committers of the Airavata project but not vise versa. Please see ASF Roles for explanation of these.

Project Management Committee:

Committers: Danushka Menikkumbura David Reagan Eroma Abeysinghe Hasini Gunasinghe Nipurn Doshi Sachith Withana Viknes Balasubramanee Yu Ma


Apache Airavata underwent incubation at Apache Software Foundation from May 2011 through September 2012. The project greatly appreciates the elite incubation champion and mentors for hand holding the community and teaching the Apache Way and for guiding the project into a Top Level Project at the foundation.

Incubation Champion:

Incubation Mentors: