The menus in XBaya will provide easy access to the required functionalities for authoring the workflows & other vital features.


XBaya Menu

XBaya Menu 1

New: Includes the options to create new artifacts. Currently you can create,

  • new workflows (opens up a new workflow tab in XBaya)
  • new descriptors (opens up a dialog box for defining a new descriptor which will be saved to a JCR registry)

Open: If you have workflows saved in your file system then click on this menu to open it by browsing the file system.

Clear workflow: Clears the content of the selected workflow tab. Note that this action cannot be undone.

Close: Close the selected workflow tab & opens up a new workflow tab

Close all: Close all the workflow tabs

Save: Saves the workflow in the current workflow tab to a file. If the workflow was not saved before use will be asked to specify a name & a location to save the workflow in the file system.

Save as: Saves the workflow in the current tab to a new location specified by the user.

Save all: Saves all the workflows in all the workflow tabs in XBaya.

XBaya Menu 2

Import: You can import a copy of an existing workflow from the file system or registry.

XBaya Menu 3

Export: You can export/save the current workflow to the registry or to different types of scripts. You can also export it as a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image.

Edit Menu

Edit Menu

Workflow Properties: Users can update the properties of the current workflow

Parameter Properties: Users can update the properties of the parameters in the current workflow Host Descriptions/Service Descriptions/Application Descriptions: Edit/Delete existing descriptors in the registry

View Menu

View Menu

This will view/open/focus on different views in the XBaya GUI.

Run Menu

Run Menu

This menu is for working with the execution of a workflow.

Run workflow: Submit the current workflow to a GFac server to be executed

Run workflow as Jython:

Run on Interpreter Server: Submit the current workflow for execution through another XBaya instance.

Run as GridChem Workflow:

Run & Register in GridChem:

Resume monitoring: Resume the monitoring the execution of a workflow

Pause monitoring: Pause the monitoring the execution of a workflow

Reset monitoring: Reset/clear all retrieved/monitored data for the currently executing workflow

Configure Monitoring: Change monitoring configuration, (e.g.: Change the message box url)

Tools Menu

Tools Menu

Globus File Transfer: Transfer a file from a remote globus host to another remote globus host.

Registry Menu

Registry Menu

Setup JCR Registry: You can configure to what JCR registry & from which user the XBaya is connected to currently.