Apache AiravataTM rebranding takes shape in hindsight of constant and iterative development over the years. This opensource project has grown into a lot bigger since its inception and we redesigned the logo abstracting everything but its core values and represent it in simplest form.

Apache Airavata is a software framework that acts as component to manage and execute a complex computational job.
It can manage not only one, but such multiple jobs at the same time managing specific workflows for each of them efficiently with the help of orchestrator.
Apache Airavata helps running these jobs and their workflows on distributed super computing resources including local clusters, supercomputers, national grids, academic and commercial clouds.
Looking at it from a deeper/another perspective, it acts as a manager of the gateway to the clouds which also resonates with the literal meaning of "Airavata". Airavata, (pronounced I-rAa-Va-Thah) is a mythical multi-tasked elephant with three heads and six ivory tusks, it is often depicted as the guardian of the gateway to Clouds.
Apache Airavata Logo represents the abstraction of being a general purpose distributed systems framework built to serve all researchers and fit the specific requirements of each researcher.